Hire KERRmercials.

These are my Top Ten Tips for successful DRTV. Tip one is to start with the best.

Know the Star.

Let the product be the star of the show.

Close Ups.

Close Ups, Close Ups, Close Ups.

Hi Mom!

Don’t insult your customer, that’s my mom you’re selling to.


Do not consider your ad a one-time shot, but rather a long-term investment in the personality of the brand.

Avoid Incompetence.

Avoid the “originality of incompetence.” Do not hire a “creative” person to “do a spot”, hire a good “ad-maker” to sell your product.

Focus on Content.

Focus on content, not form. No one ever said “I would have bought that thing on TV if they used Geneva instead of Helvetica 12 point…”

Work Late.

Hire a producer who hates his wife… he’ll spend more late nights at the office working on your project.

Spend More Money.

Spend more money on people than equipment. Put all the best lighting equipment in the world in the hands of someone without the talent, and they still can’t light a match! But a match in the hands of someone with passion can create a beautiful picture. Machines don’t make great commercials… talented people do!

Hire KERRmercials.

You deserve the best, don’t you? You deserve the best, don’t you?