Can I use my regular advertising agency to produce a DRTV campaign?

Yes and no! Many large agencies have formed in-house DRTV departments, others have acquired subsidiaries who are specialists and many outsource the campaign. There are hundreds of companies in the United States listed as DRTV producers… and a handful that are successfully selling products on TV. Whichever route you take, make sure that the script is written by someone who has a successful track record in DRTV. Writing a successful DRTV commercial is quite different from writing a traditional commercial. Just as print ads require different skill than broadcast ads.

How do you keep sales momentum during or after a DRTV campaign?

Use a multi-tiered approach; Catalog sales usually follow DRTV campaigns, along with credit card syndication, print advertising, and retail selling.

How do media costs compare to regular television commercials?

DRTV media can cost about one third of regular TV commercials.

Do DRTV commercials do best only on local and cable TV, or can they succeed on network broadcasts?

A well formatted DRTV will hit critical mass and be successful across all mediums.

Can I use my regular TV commercials for DRTV or are there significant differences?

DRTV and traditional “image” advertising are two stratified disciplines.

What is the price range for production costs?

$19,000 – $90,000. It’s a lot like building a house; city or country, wood or stone, marble or shag carpet, slate roof or straw, 2 rooms or ten…

Are there price points that tend to be most successful?

$19.95 is tried and tested. However it depends on perceived value. As the industry matures and credibility grows, higher ticket items are working more often. We even offered a $300,000 Rolls Royce on one production.

What product categories sell best through DRTV?

New categories are proving successful in DRTV as the industry continues to grow. The most successful to date are Health and Fitness, cosmetics and beauty, and housewares.